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The Panasonic MDF-U500VX ULT Freezer provides sample protection by maintaining a temperature in the -70C range continuously even if one of its compressors fails.

The MDF-U500VX uses SANYO’s unique Twin Guard Dual Cooling Technology to provide freezing down to -86C with exceptionally good temperature distribution throughout the freezer’s storage chamber. Dual Cooling Technology does not require a conventional cascade refrigeration system to achieve temperatures of -86C.

“Dual Cooling compressors” work independently of each other unlike cascade systems where two compressors are reliant on each other to achieve ultra low temperatures. This means that cooling can still be provided in an MDF-U500VX even if one compressor fails, because each compressor is not reliant on the other. A temperature in the -70C range is continuously maintained if only one compressor is working.