ZEISS PALM MicroTweezers by ZEISS Microscopy

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

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ZEISS PALM MicroTweezers
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PALM MicroTweezers guarantee simple and precise micro-manipulation

With PALM MicroTweezers you manipulate cells and particles in the micro- and sub-micrometer range without contact. The highly focused laser beam allows you to trap, move and sort live cells, organelles and other large biomolecules. A simple mouse click on your target is sufficient to trap it.

You are able to complement PALM MicroTweezers with the Force Measurement software module and with high-end imaging and supplementary technologies from ZEISS, such as live cell imaging systems or PALM MicroBeam for laser microdissection.

• Contact-free, non-invasive sample manipulation in 3D
• Trap, position or sort microscopic objects
• Intuitive dual-beam operation with click & trap functionality
• Combined micromanipulation and high end imaging workstation
• Compatible with other Zeiss solutions such as PALM Microbeam
• Applications range from micromanipulation, cell-cell interactions, cell sorting to quantitative force measurements