Pallsep™ Vibrating Membrane Filtration Technology

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Pallsep filtration technology represents a significant innovation in membrane filtration. In the Pallsep system, controlled horizontal oscillation moves the membrane elements through the feed fluid over 50 times per second. The oscillation generates vibrational energy at the membrane surface, giving shear (higher than that typically generated in conventional TFF systems) that is limited to a small boundary layer above the membrane surface, and which is not applied to the bulk of the fluid. This ensures that even in high solids feed streams, the membranes do not cake with the retained species.

Fluids are processed in a very gentle manner through an open flow path with minimal pressure drop and even transmembrane pressure distribution. Very high suspended solids levels can be achieved (> 60% w/v*) maximizing recovery of the permeate. In some applications it is possible to concentrate solids in a single pass with no recirculation. Both the concentrated solids and the filtrate can be recovered from the system if required by the application.

All Pallsep machines consists of a stack of membrane elements, which are mounted on a torsion bar. Kinetic energy from a small motor is efficiently converted to vibrational energy in the stack
There are three Pallsep variants: PS10 and PS400 representing nominal installed membrane areas of 1, and 40 m2 respectively per machine.

Features and Benefits

  • Very low recirculation rates
  • Energy efficient
  • Tolerant of viscous feeds
  • Processing to high suspended solids
  • Gentle processing
  • Small system footpaint
  • Low system hold-up volume

 * Wet cell weight – see Postlethwaite et al. Journal of Membrane Science 228 (2004), 89 – 101