(disabled) Model 491 Preparative Cells

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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Fractionation by size (molecular weight) is an effective enrichment strategy for studies of protein families and posttranslational modifications, because the sizes of these proteins tend to be similar.

The Model 491 and Mini Prep Cells separate biomolecules quickly and efficiently by continuous-elution electrophoresis. Samples are electrophoresed through a cylindrical gel matrix, where they are separated into ring-shaped bands. As individual bands migrate off the bottom of the gel, they are collected in discrete liquid fractions available for assay and characterization.

The Model 491 Prep Cell and the Mini Prep Cell
• Allow resolution of proteins differing in molecular weight by as little as 2%
• Separate up to 500 mg of total protein
• Can be used as a complementary separation strategy to 2-D gels as well as for downstream protein purification
The Model 491 prep cell has a sample capacity of 1–500 mg/0.5–15 ml, while the mini prep cell has a sample capacity of 0.5–1,000 µg/50–500 µl.

Accessory equipment required to run the Model 491 and mini prep cells includes a fraction collector and power supply such as the PowerPac HV power supply. The Model 491 prep cell also requires a peristaltic pump.

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(disabled) Model 491 Preparative Cells

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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