P-97 Flaming/Brown Type Micropipette Puller by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

P-97 Flaming/Brown Type Micropipette Puller by AutoMate Scientific Inc. product image
P-97 Flaming/Brown Type Micropipette Puller
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The Model P-97 micropipette puller is the latest generation of the Flaming/ Brown type puller for fabrication of micropipettes, patch pipettes and microinjection needles. While retaining many of the features on the Model P-87, the P-97 offers improvements in mechanical, electronic and software design. The result is better control of the pulling process and a higher degree of reproducibility. The P-97 combines a proven mechanical system with a sophisticated, programmable microprocessor controller. This programmable control of the pulling parameters allows the investigator to design application specific pipettes from a wide range of glass compositions and sizes.

A number of new features have been incorporated in the design of the P-97. One of the most apparent is the environmental chamber which houses the area surrounding the heating filament. The environmental chamber is designed to minimize the effect of changing humidity on the reproducibility of pulled pipettes. A 25% increase in power over the previous version allows for the use of larger heating filaments, larger diameter glass and multi-barreled glass. The metal jaws that clamp the heating filament have also been redesigned to minimize heat retention. A gas delivery mode switch provides for extended cooling for large diameter and multi-barreled glass. A spring-loaded clamping mechanism has been added for easier loading of glass. A vacuum fluorescent display has been added that allows easy viewing from any direction.