Organic Synthesis Workflow by Symyx

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Organic Synthesis Workflow
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Consistently design, synthesize, screen, and analyze reactions using this automated, high-throughput workflow.

Significantly increase the number of high quality experiments per year while decreasing experimentation time and manufacturing costs.

The Organic Synthesis Workflow utilizes a parallel batch reactor (PBR) to screen hundreds of reactions per day under different stoichiometries, reaction concentrations, and temperature conditions. Rapidly analyze reaction products with a wide range of analytic techniques.

Prepare: Broaden the scope of experimentation without increasing time

  • Easily design experiments to explore a diverse set of reaction conditions in a much shorter time than by traditional methods.
  • Define gradients of catalysts, reagents, solvents, etc.
  • Screen substrates, catalysts, reactants, solvents, and reaction conditions (time, temperature, stoichiometry, concentration) for a wide range of condensed phase reactions.

Process: Screen more reactions accurately, and with minimal reagents

  • Accurately dispense small amounts of reagent solutions or slurries minimizing consumption of precious materials.
  • Screen hundreds of reaction conditions per day under a range of temperature and pressure conditions to quickly define and optimize process parameters.

Analyze: Quickly analyze and visualize data to further define experimentation

  • Create, calculate, and visualize data using Symyx Software.
  • Generate process knowledge for further optimization and definition of process parameters.