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ORCA-Flash4.0 Camera
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Hamamatsu’s brilliantly designed ORCA-Flash4.0 is truly a game changer in the world of scientific imaging. Built on a revolutionary new Gen II sCMOS detector, the ORCA-Flash4.0 is the first sCMOS camera that challenges the performance of all CCD, EM-CCD, and Gen I sCMOS cameras. With its combination of low noise and high quantum efficiency, the ORCA-Flash4.0 delivers unprecedented sensitivity as well as high dynamic range, blazing fast speeds, large field of view, and excellent resolution—all at once.

Scientists have used EM-CCDs for very low-light, often high-speed imaging such as TIRF or spinning disk confocal, while they have relied on cooled CCDs for other fluorescence applications such as GFP or multichannel imaging. But the ORCA-Flash4.0 is changing all of that. Now one camera covers a wide range of imaging needs—including localization microscopy, TIRF microscopy, live cell GFP, high-speed calcium ion imaging, FRET, real-time confocal microscopy, and many more.

The ORCA-Flash4.0 is a solid piece of camera engineering. It has optimized cooling and outstanding image uniformity across the entire sensor compared to cameras based on Gen I sCMOS technology. Other features include 16-bit A/D converter and multiple external trigger and timing output functions.

• Localization microscopy
• TIRF microscopy
• Live cell GFP
• Time lapse fluorescence
• Ratio imaging
• High-speed calcium ion imaging
• Real-time confocal microscopy
• Light sheet microscopy
• Morphology
• Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)

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