Orbis XFC Analyzer Series by EDAX International, Inc.

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Orbis XFC Analyzer Series
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Rating: 4.7

"Automated-onsite training. Can be used for a range of different samples including wet ones. It's non-destructive on samples."

Review date: 29 Jul 2010 | Orbis XFC Analyzer Series

The Orbis from EDAX signifies a new generation of X-ray microfluorescence (XRMF) systems. Packed into a compact, tabletop design, the Orbis is one of the most versatile tools available for inorganic elemental analysis.

  • Non-destructive sample analysis
  • Little or no sample preparation for most materials (solids, liquids, powders, films and coatings, non-conductive, polymers...)
  • Large sample chamber accommodates irregular sample sizes and shapes
  • Fast, simultaneous, multi-element detection for elements sodium to uranium
  • Sensitivity from PPM to 100% concentration levels
  • Small analytical spot (down to 30 µm with Orbis PC)
  • Unique optical turret design incorporating multiple X-ray spot sizes up to 2 mm
  • Analysis in air or vacuum
  • Simple, optical based point and click navigation
  • Qualitative, quantitative and spatial distribution information

Applications: The Orbis is used to analyze fragments, particles and larger objects and components where targeted measurements and distributional analyses can be made. Applications include criminal forensics, industrial quality control, microelectronics, coating thickness/composition measurements, RoHS, non-destructive testing, geology and more.