Optosplit III Image splitter by Cairn Research Ltd

Manufacturer Cairn Research Ltd

Optosplit III Image splitter by Cairn Research Ltd product image
Optosplit III Image splitter
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Triple Emission

The TripleSplit 3-way image splitter from Cairn Research is a simple device for dividing an image into either one, two or three separate, spatially equivalent components which can be displayed side by side on a single camera chip.

Download data sheet Splitting is usually performed on the basis of wavelength or polarisation, allowing applications where there is a requirement for simultaneous, or high speed, acquisition of multiple emission bands or polarisations states. The simultaneous acquisition of up to three images offers a major benefit over manual or electronic filter changers, as there is no longer a need to pause acquisition while the filter position is changed. This allows your camera to be operated at the very fastest capture rates it is capable of achieving.

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