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OptoSplit II
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The Optosplit II Image Splitter is a simple and elegant device for dividing an image into two separate, spatially equivalent, components that can be displayed side by side on a single camera chip.

One Camera Solution - Dual Emission Image Splitter
The Optosplit image splitter is sold by Andor as part of our dual wavelength imaging portfolio. It is a simple device enabling a single camera to record images simultaneously at two different optical wavelengths.

Traditionally an electronic filter changer or a second camera would be used, neither of which is ideal for some applications. The Optosplit has been designed as a convenient, inexpensive solution to simultaneous dual wavelength imaging. It has the unique feature of a rotating mirror cradle, which gives adjustable spatial separation, to facilitate image registration.

Device drivers are included in several commercial imaging packages to assist registration and to allow real-time and off-line ratioing or fluorescence overlays. Alternatively, the Optosplit can be used with simple image capture software and the processing carried out manually off-line. The simple and accessible design makes the Optosplit an excellent platform for alternative applications, such as dual polarization imaging. Whilst optimized for coupling to a scientific microscope, the Optosplit can also be used with camera lenses or any other system of lenses that produce an image plane of suitable size.