OptoScan Monochromator by Cairn Research Ltd

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OptoScan Monochromator
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The Optoscan monochromator from Cairn Research is the only instrument of its type to offer control of both centre-wavelength and bandwidth with millisecond time resolution. Combined with Cairn signal processing modules and optical hardware it forms the heart of a powerful and flexible microfluorescence system. Alternatively it can be readily integrated into commercial imaging systems, or custom controlled for bespoke applications.

This instrument has been designed specifically with real-time biological fluorescence measurements in mind, but has evolved into a truly versatile laboratory tool. If your application requires fast, flexible and automated illumination control then the Cairn Optoscan may well be the instrument of choice.

Other commercial monochromators include the facility to change bandwidth between experiments using a manual control. This is sufficient for many purposes, but is not ideal for complex protocols especially those involving multiple fluorescence markers. Only by controlling bandwidth in real-time during experiments can each excitation wavelength be optimised independently. This means that where Stoke's shifts are large or where fluorescence intensities are weak then a relatively large bandwidth can be selected to maximise signal-to-noise. Conversely if there is a small Stoke's shift or if the fluorescence intensity is high then the slit width can be minimised to reduce bleed through and optimise dynamic range.