Optima MAX by Beckman Coulter

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Optima MAX

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The Ultimate Ultracentrifuge Performance Package

Optima MAX has the highest g-force ever. But optimal productivity in the lab takes more than force. Optima MAX combines maximum force, capacity, and ease of operation to achieve benchtop performance that's worlds apart from any other system. With advanced rotor features, superior design, and enhanced efficiency, Optima takes productivity to the MAX.

Product Features

MAXimum Performance / Convenience

  • Reduced separation time

  • Improved resolution

  • Greater volume

  • Improves work flow and productivity

  • Reduces time spent transporting samples

  • Occupies less space

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    MAXimum Capacity

    Optima MAX extends benchtop ultracentrifugation to unprecedented volume capacity. New advanced rotor design enhances productivity by enabling your laboratory to separate more sample in less time. The MLA-80 and MLN-80 rotors, optimized for capacity, take 64 mL of sample volume, while the MLS-50 swinging bucket takes 20 mL of sample volume.

    MAXimum Versatility

    An innovative system design and wide selection of rotors, tubes, and accessories bring Optima MAX versatility into a new dimension. Capable of handling volumes from just a few µL up to 64 mL, applications range from simple pelleting to differential gradient separations, including:

  • Proteins

  • DNA and RNA

  • Subcellular fractions

  • Membranes

  • Viruses

  • Lipoproteins

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