Optima™ L-XP

Optima™ L-XP
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Beckman Coulter

From the world leader in centrifugation comes the most intelligent ultracentrifuge system ever. Whether your research involves proteomics, cytomics or genomics, our new Optima™ L-XP ultracentrifuge...read more

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Review date: 06 Jul 2011

Optima™ L-XP

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From the world leader in centrifugation comes the most intelligent ultracentrifuge system ever.

Whether your research involves proteomics, cytomics or genomics, our new Optima™ L-XP ultracentrifuge is designed to play a key role in the discovery process. Thanks to a sophisticated on-board computer, enhanced firmware, powerful Optima eXPert™ software and an easy-to-use touch screen, Optima L-XP delivers superior functionality, optimized user efficiencies, far greater capabilities and faster turnarounds than any other ultracentrifuge. In today's rapidly-changing discovery world, the Optima L-XP is engineered to put you on the inside track to tomorrow's exciting new breakthroughs.

Product Features

A smarter ultracentrifuge. For smarter results.

Our advanced Optima eXPert software provides unprecedented centrifugation capabilities. It assists you in developing the most efficient centrifugation methods, selecting the rotor and labware for a given application, then simulating the results before performing separations of proteins and sub-cellular particles. With this high level of centrifugation knowledge, you get more efficient use and faster turnarounds.

Putting a smart new spin on your research.
The innovative rotors we've built for the Optima L-XP are designed, manufactured and tested as a system from the inside out to make sure you get the highest quality of separation in the shortest possible time-safely and reliably. The increased efficiency of our SW 32 Ti series rotors can reduce run times. And thanks to a slight angle that positions contaminants away from the bands of interest, our patented NVT™ rotors deliver the highest purity in the shortest possible time.

Innovative drive technology.
Optima L-XP utilizes the most advanced materials and technology to achieve the high performance needed - up to 100,000 rpm - for extending the boundaries of research. Plus, the air-cooled, patented design of our drives delivers the most energy-efficient ultracentrifugation system ever made. And the imbalance-tolerant Optima L-XP drive safely accommodates tubes that are under- or over-filled by as much as 10%.

The best place for your samples.
Since they're specially designed for innovative application solutions, our patented tubes deliver improved efficiencies, including Quick-Seal® for biocontainment, g-Max™ for the greatest volume efficiency, konical™ seal for the most concentrated pellet and OptiSeal™ for the easiest sealing. And the design of our one-touch OptiSeal tubes delivers fast, reliable sealing--just insert the plug and press into place, and the centrifugation process itself provides guaranteed protection for your samples.


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