OPTI-LYNX™ Quick Connect Guard Columns

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The OPTI-LYNX™ QuickConnect Guard Column is a high-performance, cartridge-based guard system, suitable for use with any 10-32 analytical column due to its auto-adjusting ZDV port adapter. OPTI-LYNX™ combines effective column protection with the convenience of quick-connect operation. Some cartridge-based guard column products offer convenience with a price: higher internal volumes. Optimize Technologies, refuse to compromise performance for anything. OPTI-LYNX™ utilizes low dispersion component interfaces to keep extra column volume to a minimum: connection paths have a total internal volume of less than 2µL. You get quick-connect convenience and low dispersion, all in one package.

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OPTI-LYNX™ Quick Connect Guard Columns

Manufacturer Optimize Technologies, Inc.

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