Opera LX High Content Screening System by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

Opera LX High Content Screening System by PerkinElmer, Inc.  product image
Opera LX High Content Screening System

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High Content Screening System- Fully Scalable from Assay Development to High Content Screening

The Opera™ confocal microplate imaging reader now comes in an extendable starter configuration for three color applications. Many upgrades are available such as environmental control for live cell applications, multi-color parallel image acquisition and many automation options. With this new system, the Opera platform provides a unique opportunity to grow with your needs in High Content Analysis.

Flexibility and superior performance
The Opera LX is a high content screening instrument capable of producing high quality three-color confocal images. It uses proven Opera high speed imaging technology with a point scan confocal spinning disc principle and an ultra-fast laser-based auto-focus. This ensures the highest resolution and very low photo-bleaching for live cell applications as well as high throughput.

Basic features:

Fully automated system

Field-upgradeable to the fully featured Opera QEHS

Truly confocal

Three solid-state excitation lasers

Peltier-cooled, high sensitivity CCD camera

Filter set for three color applications

20x water immersion objective

Acapella™ Software including Cellular Assay Libraries as on-board solution

Open software architecture for user-defined applications

Scalable High Throughput Image Analysis System for on-line image analysis