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OpenLAB Data Store

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OpenLAB Data Store is designed to simplify data management and laboratory compliance by providing secure central storage of OpenLAB CDS data. It accommodates existing laboratory workflows and has been streamlined to focus on the essential capabilities that make it easy for smaller laboratories to deploy and use on a daily basis. OpenLAB Data Store also includes all the features necessary to achieve regulatory compliance. Now you can adopt a networked environment and reduce the complexity of managing your data to significantly increase your productivity.

Features of OpenLAB Data Store:
  • Centralizes and speeds chromatography data storage and retrieval with the powerful Data Store search engine
  • Provides comprehensive data security, audit trails, and e-signature authorization
  • Supports US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance
  • Offers easy and affordable deployment, administration and maintenance
  • Includes Chinese and Japanese local language support