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The newest generation of our chromatography data system combines chromatography and mass spectrometry into one single data system along with limited control of other vendors’ instruments--eliminating the need for expertise with multiple software products. New tools in the software provide time-saving steps in the analysis, interpretation, and reporting workflows, so you can identify key information and solve problems faster. Built-in technical controls provide peace of mind for analytical labs that need the highest level of data integrity.


  • One software for Agilent GC, LC, GC/MS, LC/MS and other vendors’ instruments provides same user experience and allows viewing data across techniques and instruments with the same user interface.
  • New user interface displays only the relevant tools and information you need for your current work.
  • Built-in custom calculations eliminate errors caused by data export.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities make generating even complex reports faster and easier.
  • Superior data analysis such as Peak Explorer speed data processing and review.
  • Centralized instrument management and system administration increase lab efficiency and instrument uptime.
  • A scalable architecture that allows the system grow with your lab.
  • Built-in technical controls ensure the security of your data, control access, and facilitates compliance.
  • Audit trails now include confirmation and documentation of audit trail reviews as part of the electronic record – so you can review the audit trail and records in parallel.
  • On-demand learning tools get staff up to speed quickly.
  • Preservation of ChemStation and EZChrom Elite methods, data, and reports streamline migration and minimize downtime or disruption.