OpenArray® DLP Real-Time qPCR System using TaqMan chemistry

Manufacturer BioTrove

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The OpenArray Real-Time qPCR platform enables the use of the proven, market-leading TaqMan® chemistry in a faster, more flexible format. This unique parallel array format, enables unprecedented gene coverage and sample throughput. OpenArray DLP allows just one user to easily obtain 30,000 data points in just one day, allowing many projects to be completed in just days instead of months.

Since the OpenArray DLP Real-Time qPCR platform is the Highest Density Fully-Licensed Format available, you will have the added security that your discoveries are safe.

How customers are using OpenArray DLP:

• Pharmaceutical Target Validation
• Animal Pathogen Detection
• Biotechnology Toxicogenomics
• Agricultural Molecular Testing-Recently
• MicroRNA Profiling