Onyx Monolithic LC Columns by Phenomenex Inc

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Onyx Monolithic LC Columns
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Acheive Faster HPLC

Onyx monolithic silica-based HPLC columns are designed for high-throughput analysis and the direct injection of dirty or viscous samples. Reduce run times with extremely high flow rates (up to 9 mL/min) "Dilute-and-Shoot” dirty biological samples Scalable from capillary to semi-prep column dimensions Onyx columns deliver high efficiency separations and can be coupled together in series to produce the extreme plate counts needed to separate very complex mixtures.

Dilute & Shoot Complex mixtures coupled with dirty matrices, such as serum samples encountered in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, are quite difficult and time-consuming to analyze. With Onyx however, you have the option to dilute-and-shoot your sample directly onto the column because it won't clog due to the macroporous system or cause high backpressures. Flow Rate Flexibility Another unique feature is the ability to use flow rate as parameter for optimizing separations. Onyx columns are responsive to changes in flow rate and can be changed mid run to reduce total run time when certain compounds elute much later. This type of flow rate flexibility gives many options for optimization.