OMI™ Indicating Purifier by MilliporeSigma

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OMI™ Indicating Purifier

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General description
• Simultaneously remove O2, water vapor, CO, CO2, most sulfur compounds, most halogen compounds, alcohols, phenols to less than 10 ppb
• Purify helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon-methane
• Color change indicates purifier exhaustion
• Glass body does not diffuse air or off-gas
• Ideal for Hall, ECD, GC-MS detection systems
• OMI-4 purifier protects multiple instruments (three times the capacity of OMI-2 tubes)

First time users must order purifier and corresponding holder. The holder is reusable. Irreversibly remove contaminants from carrier gas. Install an OMI purifier downstream from your primary gas purifying device, and you can tell at a glance whether or not oxygen and water vapors are being effectively eliminated from your system.

The OMI purifier will provide point-of-use gas polishing and final visual assurance of gas quality before the gas enters the GC. OMI purifier tubes contain Nanochem® resin, developed for the demanding gas purity needs of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. As little as 1 ppm of oxygen or water will change the indicating resin from black to brown.

Spent tubes are easily replaced. Simply unscrew the end assembly from the tube holder and replace the tube. The design prevents air from entering the new tube during installation.

For optimum performance, we do not recommend storing OMI tubes for longer than 6 months. Protect your column from many carrier gas contaminants

Note: The OMI-1 replacement tube will not fit the OMI-2 tube holder. It should only be used with the old style holder that has been discontinued.