Olympus UPLSAPO60XS2 – Silicone immersion 60x objective for distortion free live cell imaging

Objectives for live cell imaging

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Olympus has introduced two new silicon oil-immersion objectives, the UPLSAPO30xS and UPLSAPO60xS.

The new lenses are ideal for live cell experiments, particularly those investigating thick samples or requiring long-term imaging. Users can generate bright images at higher resolution, as silicon oil significantly improves optical performance in comparison to conventional oil- or water-based approaches. This maximises the effectiveness of brightfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence, confocal laser scanning and multiphoton studies. In addition, long-term time-lapse experiments can now be more reliably carried out without fear of evaporation or changes in refractive index, as silicon oil has high stability and low volatility. With increased brightness, resolution and reproducibility, the new unique Olympus silicon oil-immersion objectives are ideal for long-term or deep-penetration imaging.