Olympus DSU - Disk Scanning Unit

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For high quality confocal laser scanning applications

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The Olympus DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) represents a breakthrough in spinning disk confocal technology.

The DSU disk contains a pattern of slits that creates a virtual pinhole as the disk spins at 3,000 to 5,600 rpm. Designed to optimize the trade-off between confocality and light throughput, the DSU uses the MT10 or MT20 illumination systems for maximum excitation wavelength flexibility at a reasonable cost Resolution Enhancement The DSU offers cost-efficient, semi-confocal image observation with a cooled CCD or EMCCD camera and one of the illumination systems: MT10 or MT20. This removes blur, enhances resolution and yields clear, continuous, cross-sectioned images.

The DSU is compatible with inverted and upright Olympus microscopes of the IX2 and BX2 series and the water-immersion BX61WI electrophysiology microscope and water-immersion objectives. Easy Operation A simple switch close to the operator's hand makes it easy to control such functions such as moving the slit disc into and out of the light path, exchanging cubes and triggering the shutter. It is also quick and easy to switch between general fluorescence observation and semi-confocal observation. Advanced System Performance 3D image stacks can be acquired easily using the inverted IX81 or upright BX61 microscope platforms with their built-in, precise Z motor. Integrated control of the DSU, motorised microscope and cooled CCD camera is made simple using Olympus image acquisition software packages, resulting in a complete imaging system solution.