DEACTIVATE: Olympus CX21LED Microscope by Olympus Life Science

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DEACTIVATE: Olympus CX21LED Microscope

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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Materials Science

"Everyday low magnification images are very good quality. Quick and easy to use. Software interface is typical of Olympus - straight forward and to the point. Although, finer image enhancement controls can be a bit tricky. Overall, very good!"

Review date: 19 Sep 2012 | DEACTIVATE: Olympus CX21LED Microscope
The Olympus CX21LED features an LED with an expected lifetime of over 20,000 hours, eliminating the need for frequent halogen lamp replacements. This cost-effective method of sample illumination not only consumes much less energy than halogen lamps, but also provides a comparable light intensity for excellent imaging.

The CX21 is the first educational microscope that incorporates the same advanced UIS2 optics as Olympus’ top-of-the-range microscopes. In addition, the infinity corrected Plan Achromat objectives give sharp high contrast images throughout the field of view. The CX21 is an attractively priced choice for the educational market, retaining design and engineering quality.