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OligoPilot™ 400
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  • Proven technology from the leading supplier to the therapeutic oligonucleotide market.
  • Seamless scale-up from ÄKTA™ oligopilot plus to OligoProcess Systems.
  • Cost-efficient production.
  • 21 CFR part 11 compatible UNICORN™ software, as well as, Installation and Operational Qualification documentation are available.

OligoPilot™ 400* is a synthesizer specifically developed to synthesize quantities for preclinical and early phase clinical trials. OligoPilot 400 is the link between ÄKTA™ oligopilot plus and OligoProcess Systems. The system uses the same flow-through column technology and software as ÄKTA™ oligopilot plus and and comes with the same level of technical support from commissioning and validation through to the first runs.

The nominal synthesis scale range is from 4 to 30 mmol, using column diameters of 70 and 100 mm.

The synthesizer is designed in an integrated manner with reagent bottles and the column reactors forming a single unit in the system. The system reduces facility expenditure since it can be installed in a laboratory. The tilted bottle holder allows organized and cost-efficient use of amidite. A rotating column holder that simplifies unpacking of the columns is also included.

OligoPilot 400 is controlled by UNICORN software that makes scale-up/down and process development simpler. UNICORN is compatible with all applicable regulations including 21 CFR Part 11.

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