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Oligonucleotides for High Throughput Screening
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A total capacity of > 30,000 oligonucleotides per day gives Bioneer the opportunity to address the needs of researchers that require very large numbers of oligonucleotides. In-house production of raw materials along with proprietary high throughput oligo synthesis and purification systems result in much higher quality oligonucleotides at significantly lower cost. Bioneer understands that high quality and low cost is especially important to our high throughput screening oligo users.

The price tables in the ordering tab are based on 1 96-well plate orders. Pricing is flexible with order volume, so please contact us with any questions on discounts available.

Also, if you need any synthesis, purification, or post-handling services not mentioned on this page, please contact support@bioneer.us.com and we will do our best to help you!