OEM-Vacuum Pumps: Tailored to individual customer needs

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OEM products: According to individual requirements

VACUUBRAND frequently adapts its vacuum pumps to the needs of equipment and instrument manufacturing partners. Many pump features can be modified to suit the application, including color, motor, electrical interface, mounting parts, and flow path materials. VACUUBRAND’s VARIO-SP™ pumps, which feature adjustable speed and a 24V DC drive, are especially attractive for demanding applications; they exhibit low noise and low vibration, and can be readily integrated with the electronic controls of analytical instruments. Modified versions of our pumps, when produced in quantity, can often be even more economical than the standard versions, increasing the cost effectiveness of the customer’s appliance.

VACUUBRAND diaphragm technology delivers exceptionally long service intervals, making the oil-free pumps virtually maintenance-free — often for years — and therefore well-suited to instrument and machinery integration. VACUUBRAND offers the complete OEM solution, from advice on pump selection, to consulting on design modification, through pump trials and production ramp up, to assistance with specific approval and quality certificates