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Being the first ever manufacturer of microporous membranes, Sartorius has many decades of experience in membrane formulation as well as in the building of state of the art specific casting machines. In the recently upgraded and enlarged manufacturing site in Germany, we have rigid environmental controls in place to provide a clean and stable manufacturing process.

From the large portfolio of microporous membranes and ultrafilters you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

For such applications as:
• Air venting and filtration
• Fluid filtration and particle retention
• Fluid sterilizing
• Molecular purification and concentration

Membrane Specifications

You can select the right membrane based on:
• The polymer
• The hydrophilic, hydrophobic or oleophobic properties
• The pore size or molecular cut off
• The delivery format in rolls, sheets or in a custom format

Membrane Materials

The main Sartorius membrane families are:

• Cellulose nitrate (CN)
• Cellulose acetate (CA)
• Regenerated cellulose (RC)
• Polyamide (PA)
• PES (Polyethersulfone)