Oasis® µElution Plate by Waters

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Oasis® µElution Plate
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Great results and good limit of detection
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  • Application Area: Metabolites in urine samples

"We are using the Oasis HLB µElution Plate 30µm for our Porphobilinogen analysis in urine and the Oasis MCX µElution plate for our LysoGb3 analysis in urine, on our metabolic lab. We have a manifold voor the extraction system, also from Waters. We use it to concentrate the components to detect them on our Waters Micromass Quattro Micro. We are performing this analysis for a few years now and it gives great results for us. The lysoGb3 analysis is in nmol/l. So the limit of detection is very good for us. We had a private workshop on our lab by some employees from Waters to show us how it all works. So we are satisisfied with it! The plates are not cheap, but they work for us!"

Review date: 15 Aug 2017 | Oasis® µElution Plate
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  • Organization: Novosibirsk state university

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
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    5 out of 5
Rating: 5.0

Review date: 14 Sep 2009 | Oasis® µElution Plate

The Oasis® uElution plate format combined with the Oasis chemistries allow elution volumes as low as 25uL, eliminating the time consuming evaporation step, producing very clean extracts with a 5 to 10 fold increase in concentration.

The Oasis® family of sample extraction products is designed to simplify and improve your sample preparation by combining the right sorbent chemistry, device format and methodology. Achieve robust, selective, and sensitive solid-phase extraction [SPE] methods without worrying about low recoveries caused by breakthrough, sorbent drying, pH limitations, and undesirable silanol activity.

Oasis® SPE sorbents—covered by eight U.S. patents—are unique in their purity, reproducibility, stability, and retention characteristics. Today, they are the most widely used polymeric SPE products in bioanalytical laboratories.