Whatman™ Nytran™ SuPerCharge Nylon Membranes by GE Healthcare

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Whatman™ Nytran™ SuPerCharge Nylon Membranes

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Whatman Nytran™ nylon membranes are available in two formats. The Nytran N is moderately charged and the Nytran SuPerCharge (SPC) has a very high positive charge.

The Whatman Nytran nylon membrane is suitable for applications that require a lower charge. It is designed for Southern and Northern blotting as well as colony and plaque lifts and Dot-/Slot-Blots. Nytran N is compatible with isotopic and nonisotopic detection methods.

Nytran N membrane allows for excellent signal-to-noise ratios. The membrane is cast uniformly on both sides of a support matrix, demonstrating excellent symmetry. This gives the membrane the ability to lie flat without curling.

Nytran SPC nylon membranes have a very high positive charge. Improvements in the manufacturing process result in a membrane with a higher density of nylon per unit area. The increased charge and greater nylon density provide increased binding sites for your samples.

Nytran SPC membranes show a very uniform pore size and pore distribution compared to typical nylon membranes. They are free of surface microvoids which are common in other membranes. These characteristics lead to greater reproducibility of results across a membrane and from blot to blot.