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NycoCard CRP test
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The NycoCard CRP test is a 2-minute Point of Care test to indicate bacterial or viral cause of infection. NycoCard CRP measures C-reactive protein (CRP), an acute phase protein that increases rapidly after onset of infection.

Test specific information:

• Sample volume: 5 µL 
• Assay time: 2 minutes
• Sample material: Whole blood, serum or plasma 
• Measuring range: 8 - 200 mg/L for whole blood samples and 5 - 120 mg/L for serum and plasma samples 
• NycoCard CRP Control: Positive control provided with the kit

Clinical use of NycoCard CRP 

• Reduces unnecessary use of antibiotics 
• More rapid induction of treatment 
• Fewer hospital admissions 
• Healthcare cost savings

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