NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec – High Performance and Efficient Preparative HPLC Materials

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Preparative separations place high demands on silica based HPLC materials.

Apart from excellent selectivity and base deactivation, robustness (pH-, pressure-stability, …) and capacity are vital criteria for optimal and efficient separation at the preparative scale.

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers a silica based HPLC phase which matches all these needs. NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec is the perfect choice for all analytical separations combined with ideal up-scaling options.

Selectivity and Base Deactivation
The innovative and special endcapping procedure leads to exceptionally good base deactivation – the Engelhardt test demonstrates superb selectivity, peak symmetry and peak shape over the entire polarity range. In addition NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec scores in low bleed characteristics and is therefore highly suitable for LC/MS.

Stability & Lifetime
Based on fully synthetic and extremely robust NUCLEODUR® silica (totally spherical type B silica of 3rd generation), NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec offers outstanding mechanical rigidity and is thus the perfect choice also for self-packing of prep-columns. The special surface modification and endcapping procedure result in high chemical stability even at extreme chromatographic conditions like high flow rates, temperature or critical solvents (DMSO). Furthermore, NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec columns show a remarkably long lifetime in acidic (pH 1) as well as basic (pH 10) mobile phases.

Due to highest quality standards in our silica production and phase chemistry combined with optimised packing technology, NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec delivers exceptional transferability from analytical to preparative scale. This doesn’t just apply to the use of different particle sizes (e.g. 5, 7 or 10 µm) but also for diverse column dimensions (e.g. ID 4.6 to 21 mm).

A vital criterion for efficiency in preparative HPLC is the capacity of the separation medium. NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec is characterised by a notably high loadability under both basic and acidic conditions.

Due to innovative surface coating procedures NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec offers excellent analytical separation properties and is the first choice for up-scaling to preparative column dimensions.