NucleoCounter NC-100 by Chemometec

Manufacturer Chemometec
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NucleoCounter NC-100
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The NucleoCounter offers unique ease of use and reliability for the determination of cell concentration in a sample of cultured mammalian cells. The instrument requires no initialisation or priming, and is ready to use within seconds. NucleoCounter is a compact instrument, which fits perfectly in any cell laboratory and the size and robustness makes it easy to move from one location to another.

The sample preparation involves the mixing of sample and lysing buffer, which effectively makes the cells membrane permeable to the DNA staining dye in few seconds, but also is extremely effective in the dispersion of cell aggregates.

Omitting the sample preparation allows for the determination of viability using the method of propidium iodide exclusion. The DNA staining dye will be excluded from viable cells, and therefore largely non-viable or dead cells are stained if the sample is not treated with a lysing buffer prior to staining.

Finally, a truly unique property of the NucleoCounter is that no calibration is required to assure its operation. Virtually any strain of mammalian cells can be measured under the same conditions and the instrument is constructed and produced in a manner, which makes calibration a history of the past. This makes the counting of mammalian cells true a routine operation, and therefore the valuable time and effort of the laboratory staff can be devoted to other tasks.

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NucleoCounter NC-100 by Chemometec product image

NucleoCounter NC-100

Manufacturer Chemometec

4.3 / 5.0 | 1 reviews