Sequi-Gen™ GT System and PowerPac™ HV Power Supply (165-3803)

Manufacturer Bio-Rad
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The Sequi-Gen GT Nucleic Acid Sequencing Cell makes it easy to cast and run sequencing gels.

The system's design ensures smile-free patterns and offers an easy horizontal casting method that dramatically improves gel casting.

Key Features:

  • Problem-free horizontal gel casting - lever-operated clamps facilitate rapid assembly and gel casting without tape or grease
  • Modular design includes a universal transparent base for all Sequi-Gen cell sizes
  • Unique upper buffer chamber design allows heat dissipation and maintains uniform temperature, eliminating smile patterns
  • IEC 1010 safety certification

Simple Horizontal Gel Casting Method

Assembling and casting with the Sequi-Gen GT cell is convenient and reliable. The lever clamps slide over the gel sandwich. Each clamp exerts an even pressure over the entire length of the glass plate sandwich, resulting in a tight seal. This prevents damage to the plates or leakage which can result from uneven pressure. Tape, screws, and grease are unnecessary. With the new casting method, a precision caster is attached to the bottom of the Sequi-Gen GT cell. This assembly is placed flat on the lab bench, and the gel is injected with a syringe through an injection port in the precision caster. Gel casting does not get simpler.

Unique Design Eliminates Mobility Artifacts

The Sequi-Gen GT nucleic acid sequencing cell incorporates a unique upper buffer chamber, called an integral plate chamber (IPC). The IPC is a glass plate bonded to an upper buffer chamber with a silicone adhesive. This forms a leak-free, thin upper buffer layer that covers the entire area of the gel plate. The upper buffer acts as a heat sink that maintains uniform heat distribution over the entire gel area during electrophoresis. Uniform heating prevents sample mobility artifacts, such as smiling, and greatly reduces cracking of plates. The assembled IPC offers electrical safety, unlike traditional aluminum plate heat sinks.

Four Interchangeable Sizes Fit all Applications

There are four different IPC sizes for the Sequi-Gen GT cell. The space-saving universal base acts as the lower buffer chamber and can be used with all four IPC sizes. The newest 38 x 30 cm size is wide enough to load 100 samples, but short enough for applications that do not require long run times, such as microsatellite mapping, SSCP, and oligonucleotide analysis.

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Sequi-Gen™ GT System and PowerPac™ HV Power Supply (165-3803)

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews