Nucleic Acid Labeling Phosphoramidite by Bioneer

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Nucleic Acid Labeling Phosphoramidite
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Phosphoramidites for nucleic acid labeling, microarray labeling, and more

• Oligonucleotides modified with fluorescein derivatives can be used for genomic research, molecular diagnostics and molecular biology.
• t-butylamine/H2O/MeOH is recommended for cleavage and deprotection steps of TAMRA modified oligos.
• dI-phosphoramidite can perform as an universal base as it hybridizes with any of the four bases.

Technical Information for Modified Phosphoramidites
• 5'-Fluorescein phosphoramidite Structure MSDS
• 5'-TAMRA phosphoramidite Structure MSDS
• dI phosphoramidite