NSG10 DLC AFM Mode Non-Contact Probe

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K-TEK NSG10 - Diamond Like Carbon DLC AFM Non Contact Probes

Super sharp NSG10 diamond-like carbon(DLC) AFM tips with typical curvature radius of 1nm are extremely useful for obtaining high resolution on objects with sizes of several nanometers. DLC AFM tips provide users with a durable, long lasting product.

NSG10 DLC AFM tip specification:
Material – diamond-like carbon
Curvature radius - 1-3nm.
Working length - >20nm

Probe Specification:
Chip size – 3,6x1,6x0,4mm^3
Reflective side coating – Au
Chip has one rectangular cantilever

* DLC tips can be grown on any other probe series by request

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NSG10 DLC AFM Mode Non-Contact Probe

Manufacturer K-TEK Nanotechnology

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