NSG10 AFM Mode Non-Contact Probe

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K-TEK NSG10 AFM Mode: Non Contact, Semi Contact Probe

This versatile non-contact probe provides its users with a tetrahedral tip design which allows for greater consistency in terms of quality and sharpness (typical 6nm). Standard Au backside coating and various customizable options make this a must have for any AFM laboratory.

Available Options with the K-TEK NSG10 non-contact AFM probe:
-PtIr, TiN, and Au tip coatings
-CoCr magnetic tip coating*

*Quantity & cantilever restrictions apply. 

NSG10 AFM Cantilever Specification

Resonant frequency kHz:
min 140, typical 240, max 390
Force constant N/m: min 3.1, typical 11.8, max 37.6

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