NSG01 DLC AFM Mode Non-Contact Probe

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K-TEK Nano NSG01 DLC - AFM Non-Contact Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Probe

Super sharp diamond-like carbon (DLC) tips with typical curvature radius of 1nm are extremely useful for obtaining high resolution on objects with sizes of several nanometers. DLC tips provide users with a durable, long lasting product.

To guarantee 20nm working length of DLC tips TEM is used. 10% from total number of probes in the batch are selected for testing. At least 80% of those probes should have the only DLC tip which lengh is exceeded by 20nm others DLC tips on the same probe. In this case the whole batch is considered as passed the TEM test. On the surfaces with roughness bigger than 20nm double images are possible.

DLC tip specification:
Material – diamond-like carbon
Curvature radius - 1-3nm.
Working length - >20nm

Probe Specification:
Chip size – 3,6x1,6x0,4mm^3
Reflective side coating – Au
Chip has one rectangular cantilever

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NSG01 DLC AFM Mode Non-Contact Probe

Manufacturer K-TEK Nanotechnology

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