NRS-7000 Series Raman Spectrometers

NRS-7000 Series Raman Spectrometers
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The NRS Series of bench top, singly dispersive micro-Raman spectrometers are based on JASCO’s proven technology emphasizing sensitivity, reliability, and ease of operation from a PC-controlled more

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The NRS Series of bench top, singly dispersive micro-Raman spectrometers are based on JASCO’s proven technology emphasizing sensitivity, reliability, and ease of operation from a PC-controlled optical system.

The innovative instrument design ensures freedom from daily adjustments and alignment. The laser(s), enclosed microscope, software-switched optics and a unique aberration-corrected polychromator with CCD detector provide an integrated package that is compact enough to fit on a laboratory bench.

With superb stability and effortless software controlled optics, the NRS Series Raman systems offer performance second to none, and with no time-consuming realignment.  The integrated, automated x-y-z mapping stage with auto-focusing option allows full PC control. Complete operator safety is maintained by the fully enclosed automated sample chamber door which provides a 120 degree opening to allow full microscope access.

All NRS Series Raman instruments include a color CCD sample viewing system with image capture capability. For additional flexibility, a trinocular microscope attachment can be added for direct binocular viewing. Utilizing the same basic optical system, we’ve designed a family of micro-Raman spectrometers that offer a range of capabilities from simple, single laser, single grating instruments to advanced research grade systems with low wave number measurement, wavelength extension from the deep UV to NIR, and the ability to use or add up to six lasers.

NRS-7000 Series

Building upon the powerful capabilities of the NRS-3000 series, the NRS-7000 Raman Spectrometer series instruments provide even greater features and technological innovations. The NRS-7000 series instruments can integrate as many as 8 excitation lasers (9 wavelengths) from the UV to the NIR, automated laser/Raman scattering path alignment, automated grating and laser selection and up to two detectors.

The NRS-7100/7200 instruments include a 500 mm spectrograph and up to 4 selectable gratings. The NRS-7200 instruments offer a dual-grating, low wavenumber measurement unit for optimized Raleigh rejection and Raman spectra down to 10 cm-1.

The NRS-7000 instruments offer high-speed imaging capability using the Software Programmable Raman Integration System (SPRIntS) for rapid scanning and sample imaging capabilities. The Verti-Scan capability ensures a consistent confocal sample excitation capability to obtain undistorted 3-D images, even without the use of an automated X-Y-Z sample stage. The Dual Spatial Filtering capability reduces sample fluorescence while enhancing spatial resolution.


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