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Non-Graduated Pastette

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Ideal for general use applications such as blood work, transferring supernatant, adding reagents/chemicals and extracting samples for analysis.
The Cell Saver has a large aperture tip to prevent cell damage and to aid in the pipetting of viscous liquids, whilst the 9 Inch and Jumbo Pastettes are perfect for accessing deep vessels such as Winchesters and tissue culture flasks.

Ideal for accessing small diameter tubes of varying lengths such as cuvettes and analyser cups. The stems can be heat-sealed to create a deep freeze, transport or storage container.

Fine Tip
Ideal for precise control work such as PCR, reagent preparation, blood/serum separation, gel loading and adding samples to culture plates. Indeed, any application where the addition or removal of liquid through a small aperture or where a small drop volume is required. In addition, the Extended Fine Tip Mini Pastette is perfect for colony picking from agar plates.

Designed to replace glass Pasteur pipettes, Pastettes are unbreakable, don’t require a separate bulb and, as they are manufactured from soft plastic, can be recycled. A key property is that they will not pierce the skin – a major worry in the modern laboratory.

Manufactured from virgin lowdensity polyethylene (LDPE), they provide a precise, non-toxic and inert method for transfer, delivery and storage of samples or reagents.

Bulb Draw
This defines the maximum liquid volume that may be transferred. However, Pastette is just as effective when less than the maximum bulb draw is used.

Bulb Sensitivity
Manufacturing precision produces a bulb with a uniform thickness. This means that the bulb is strong enough to draw up and hold your sample securely, whilst being soft and even enough to allow sensitive dispensing of single drops of liquid as small as 18µl.

Drop Volume
All Pastettes are accurate to ±10% of the stated specifications including drop volume, allowing quantitation without the use of an expensive pipetting device.

An important dimension, it allows Pastette to match your exact requirements. From the shortest (36mm) to the longest (300mm), they all retain the features you would expect from a Pastette.

Tip Design
The design of the tip is of paramount importance as it decides not only the drop volume, but also the procedures for which Pastette may be used. This is why Pastette provides a number of tip styles to cater for a wide variety of applications.

Pastette Benefits
All Pastettes are traceable to the exact mould and date of manufacture – your absolute assurance of quality.
Sturdy packaging – keeps Pastettes in perfect condition during transport and storage until required for use.
Sterile Pastettes are Gamma-irradiated – certified, lot traceable and heatsealed in polyethylene in 10s, 20s or individually wrapped.