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Non-Filter Tips

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Quality Pipette Tips make all the difference

You probably use Pipette Tips every day and take their performance and ease of use for granted. However, these seemingly insignificant 'bits of plastic' can dramatically affect your results. Just think of the impact a badly fitting tip with flash can have on the volumes measured throughout your laboratory. You will then see the humble tip in a different light. Mass producing millions of Pipette Tips could be considered easy. It is maintaining the quality, through 92 controlled manufacturing steps so that every tip reaches the highest possible standard, which is difficult and costly. During the manufacture of Alpha tips, quality assurance techniques are applied at every step. This means you can rely on the consistency of an Alpha product right to the last tip in the box. Thoroughness includes testing for:

Warp - sometimes known as "trueness". This ensures that tips are straight and fit your pipette precisely.

Flash - this term is used to describe residual polymer on the tip surface after completion of the moulding process. Flash can affect tip accuracy so any tips showing flash are discarded.

Pipette compatibility - continuous testing ensures specific tips perform to standard on a wide range of pipettes. Standards meet or exceed the pipette manufacturer's specifications.