NIRS Analyzer PRO by Metrohm AG

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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NIRS Analyzer PRO
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The NIRS Analyzer Pro is a process analysis system based on high resolution diode array technology. It provides non-destructive analysis of granules, powders, slurries or opalescent substances directly in the process line without bypass – a true in-line system.

Metrohm NIRSystems Process Analyzers are setting the standard for real-time process analysis. Designed for seamless integration into process control strategies, these NIR (near-infrared) analyzers provide outstanding measurement stability and performance.

NIRS Analyzer PRO Features:

  • High-resolution diode array technology for accurate and ongoing analysis in reflectance or transmission mode
  • Built-in instrument factory standardization for quick and simple implementation of one or several analyzers
  • Availability is ensured for low maintenance
  • Dedicated sample interfaces provide accuracy and rapid implementation
  • Immediate measurement of the entire wavelength range for the direct measurement of rapidly moving samples
  • Quantitative and qualitative data for better inline process monitoring
  • Dual lamp technology for ensuring accuracy through activation of the backup lamp; guarantees consistent, uninterrupted analytic accuracy
  • Integrated intelligent Metrohm calibration tool enables anyone to develop calibrations
  • OPC interface for integration in local process control systems enables automatic process control