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The NimbleGen MS 200 Microarray Scanner is the first scanner optimized to unleash the full potential and capture the complete picture from NimbleGen DNA microarrays.

The MS 200 offers 2 micron resolution and heightened sensitivity to achieve high data quality and confident results from high-density NimbleGen microarrays of today and tomorrow. Critical to the the workflow, NimbleScan and SignalMap software are included to analyze and view the high-quality data from the MS 200.

High-throughput genomics research is now possible with the MS 200’s automated features, which are specifically designed for the NimbleGen microarray workflow. Advanced features such as a 48-slide autoloader, integrated barcode reader, autofocus, and auto gain combine to offer walkaway automation, allowing you to focus on your science.

The MS 200’s high-resolution, high sensitivity and high-throughput capabilities are an integral part of the microarray workflow and unleash the full potential of NimbleGen high-density genomics platforms.