NightOWL II LB 983 – in vivo Imaging

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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: CRO for drug testing in cancer mouse models

"The Bertold System is a wonderful alternative for bioluminescence imaging using luciferase transduced cell lines in vivo. We used it with mice and it works great. I would recommend this system, however the software needs some time to get adjusted."

Review date: 22 May 2013 | NightOWL II LB 983 – in vivo Imaging
As an ideal instrument for both bioluminescence in vivo imaging (BLI) and biofluorescence in vivo imaging (BFI) the NightOWL enables monitoring of gene expression or disease progression directly in living organisms.

Equipped with extreme sensitive CCD cameras (cooled up to delta -80°C) an outstanding sensitivity can be achived. Whole animals and plants can be imaged as well as blots, gels, microplates, cell culture dishes and arrays regardless luminescent or fluorescent markers are used. Optical calibration ensures the comparability of all images captured.
NightOWL is the first imager with an motor-driven camera inside the cabinet. Positioning is reproducible with +/- 100 µm allowing very precise height correction. Optimum resolution and focus of the sample is achieved by automatic positioning of the camera according to the actual sample size.
During long luminescence or fluorescence image acquisition rodents have to be anaesthesized. The flange option provides light-tight access to the inner part for the gas anesthesia unit.
The NightOWL cabinet has enuogh space to install special light sources or to place transilluminators, heaters, coolers etc. Special sample trays allow multimodal imaging, as well with MRI, PET and µPET instruments.

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NightOWL II LB 983 – in vivo Imaging


4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews