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Ni Sepharose excel
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Ni Sepharose excel affinity media for capture and purification of histidine-tagged proteins secreted into eukaryotic cell culture supernatants by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC).

•   Load eukaryotic cell culture samples containing secreted histidine-tagged proteins directly with retained binding capacity
•   Increase target protein yield and decrease degradation through reduced and simplified sample handling
•   Choose between several formats for screening and preparative purification of histidine-tagged proteins

Ni Sepharose excel is an IMAC medium precharged with nickel ions very strongly bound to a chelating ligand. Samples that usually cause stripping of metal ions can therefore be loaded to the medium. The nickel ions have been shown to remain bound to the chelating ligand even after incubation for 24 hours in 10 mM EDTA. Ni Sepharose excel is designed primarily for capture and purification of histidine-tagged proteins secreted into cell culture supernatants from eukaryotic cells such as insect cells or CHO cells.

Ni Sepharose excel enables direct loading of samples without having to perform extensive and time-consuming pretreatment procedures. The flow properties of the medium make it excellent for purifications in a wide range of scales and allow loading of large sample volumes, enabling purification of low concentrations of target proteins at large volumes.

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