NGS STARlet - Automated NGS Library Preparation

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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The NGS STARlet is a compact, flexible and future-proof workstation for library preparation for all common sequencing platforms. It is excellently suited for any throughput from 8 to 48 samples and reduces time consuming manual pipetting steps and sample-to-sample variability. The open workstation concept allows automation of any library preparation chemistry. Already included are validated methods for the NEBNext® Ultra DNA library prep kit for Illumina sequencers, from New England Biolabs (NEB®). NEB® offers high quality reagents with simplified workflow incorporating magnetic bead-based size selection for superior ease of use

Versatile workstation 

• Superior pipetting technology for highly reproducible libraries
• Open workstation designed for all sequencing chemistries
• Offers DNA library preparation, and optional normalization and pooling

DNA library preparation with New England Biolabs reagents 

• Validated methods for NEBNext® Ultra DNA kits 
• Reliably works with lower DNA input materials than most other library preparation workflows 
• Bead-based size selection of fragment sizes from 150-800 bp for each sample

Time and labor savings 

• Process 8 to 48 samples in a single run 
• True walkaway solution through incubations on deck 
• Simplified workflow saves time

Streamlined workflow 

• NEBNext® Ultra kits are optimized to have fewer components, clean-up and pipetting steps 
• Validated with DNA and ChIP libraries 
• Reagents ideally suited for Illumina, IonTorrent and 454 libraries

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NGS STARlet - Automated NGS Library Preparation

Manufacturer Hamilton Company

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