NGAL Rapid ELISA Kit by BioPorto Diagnostics A/S

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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Diabetic Nephropathy

"This detection kit is easy to use. The protocol is user friendly. Precision was as accurate as given in the description."

Review date: 02 Jan 2014 | NGAL Rapid ELISA Kit
NGAL (also known as neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin or lipocalin-2) is a new early marker for acute renal injury. Increased levels of NGAL from acute renal injury can be detected in both urine and blood within two hours of the insult.

With the new NGAL ELISA KIT, urine, plasma or serum samples can be analysed in less than 1 hour in a standard laboratory with conventional ELISA equipment. All components are stored at 4ºC and all incubations are performed at room temperature. The kit contains ready-to-use calibrators, reagents and pre-coated well strips, which greatly reduces the hands-on time. The simple test protocol permits high reproducibility with a total assay time less than 1 hours.