Nexera MP UHPLC System by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.

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Nexera MP UHPLC System
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: Lipidomics

"Shimadzu instruments are very easy to use and robust. Troubleshooting is easy as the technical support is very good. "

Review date: 31 May 2016 | Nexera MP UHPLC System
In response to front-end demands for higher speeds, low carryover, better precision, and high throughput, Shimadzu has introduced the Nexera MP Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph utilizing the SIL-30ACMP Multiplate Autosampler. The SIL-30ACMP achieves an ultrafast injection speed while maintaining the ultra-low carryover performance for which Shimadzu autosamplers are known.

Building on the proven Shimadzu design, the SIL-30ACMP provides low carryover of 0.0015% or less, minimizing sample contamination. It provides reproducibility of 1 percent or less in 0.5 μL injections and of 0.2 percent or less in injections of 5 μL or more. The autosampler also offers the world’s fastest cycle time at 14 seconds.

The SIL-30ACMP holds up to 6 plates for increased capacity. Using 384 well plates, the SIL-30ACMP can perform continuous analysis on 2,304 samples — the highest number of samples that can be analyzed in a closed-type, safe-design autosampler. It can also continuously analyze 324 samples using 1.5 mL vials. Additionally, three different plate types can be set in the sample racks simultaneously, adding to its versatility. The system also houses a standard /control sample rack holding 1.5 mL vials, which is useful while testing multiple unknown samples with microtiter plates.