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Automated method development system with 16 binary solvent combinations and 6 column switching capability. Simplifies  the workflow required when screening multiple columns, solvents, and methods to optimize separation conditions.

Method scouting is a process where different mobile phases and column stationary phases are evaluated to determine the best set of separation conditions for a particular sample. Manual solvent preparation, column switching, and method programming are time-consuming steps, so the Nexera method scouting system was developed to streamline the entire process for more efficient method development.

The system is based around 2 LC-30AD pumps, each with a quaternary valve, which allows the analyst to run binary gradients with 16 different solvent pairs. A high-pressure column selection valve holds from 1 to 6 columns, resulting in up to 96 unique separation conditions per sample.

The Nexera Method Scouting Solution software has intuitive, user-friendly screens to set the pump and column valve positions, gradient program steps, and it automatically builds the sequence table in seconds.