New Ultra Miniature Latching Solenoid Valve

Manufacturer The Lee Co.

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The Lee Co.

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The Lee Company’s new miniature magnetic latching solenoid valves are designed on the 3-way HDI (High Density Interface) platform and optimized for applications that demand ultra-low power, low heat, and small size. These valves are ideal for compact, battery powered pneumatic instruments such as portable oxygen delivery systems, environmental gas samplers, and other OEM flow switching devices. The valves require only momentary (10 msec maximum) pulses of current to switch the state, resulting in a 5.5 milliwatt-sec per switch. The polarity of the voltage on the terminal pins controls the switched position.

The Lee Company offers an array of standard manifolds for testing as well as customer-designed manifold configurations for production. Performance parameters can be optimized for a specific application.