New Intelligent Speed (IS™) Columns

Manufacturer Waters

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Intelligent Speed (IS™) columns form Waters give today’s chemist more than the raw speed they need for high-throughput HPLC. Waters has developed new, innovative 20 mm Intelligent Speed (IS™) column hardware that can be run at higher flow rates and lower backpressures without sacrificing resolution. Packing small, efficient, state-of-the-art 2.5 – 3.5 micron particles into its new 20 mm Intelligent Speed (IS™) columns allow older methods to be easily transferred and newer methods developed with faster run times of 5 minutes or less. The new IS™ columns are available in all Waters innovative chemistries including XTerra®, Symmetry®, Atlantis™, and YMC™.  The wide variety of available chemistries, particle sizes and column internal diameters make method development, method transfer and scale-up to preparative chromatography fast and easy.